Saturday, May 5, 2007


9 am Meet at main MIT entrance, 77 Massachusetts Avenue

Tour leader:  Mark Jarzombek

9:15 am Baker House, 1947-49, Alvar Aalto

Comments by Stan Anderson

10 am Simmons Hall by Steven Holl
11 am Building 10 and Bosworth
11:30 Stata Center by Frank Gehry

Comments by William Mitchell

12-1 Lunch at Stata Center Cafeteria

Following lunch, participants take taxis to Harvard Square.  Meet at

Sever Hall.  Participants are responsible for lunch and taxi expenses.

1:30 Sever Hall, 1878-80, H.H. Richardson

Walking tour led by Douglass Shand-Tucci

3:30 Vincent and Celia Scully Dormitory by Machado & Silvetti

Comments by Rodolfo Machado