02/13/2016 – 38th Annual NE/SAH Student Symposium


Boston University

Photonics Center
Room 901
8 St. Mary’s Street, Boston
February 13, 2016
9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Session 1:
Architecture of Colonialism
Shivani Shedde, Jacobé Huet, Tina Barouti

Session 2:
Expressions of Landscape Architecture
Farshid Emami, Aaron Ahlstrom, Ruth Lo

Session 3:
Religion and Secularism in Architecture
Caroline E. Murphy, Sam Palfreyman, Eric Lin

Hosted by Boston University’s History of Art and Architecture Department

More info:

Ian Stevenson: cis(at)bu.edu     Silvia Colpani: colpanis(at)wit.edu     Megan Sherck: sherckm(at)wit.edu

Tentative Schedule:

8:45-9:00: Coffee and Refreshments

9:00-9:05: Welcome and Introductions

Session 1, Architecture of Colonialism
9:05-9:25: Making (In)Visible: Governance, Representation, and the Making of the Subject in the Kolar Mines, 1873-1950, Shivani Shedde, Yale University
9:25-9:45: Zionism, Nazism and Orientalism: Modern Architecture in 1930s Tel Aviv, Jacobé Huet, Williams College
9:45-10:05: The Corbusian Cycle: French and Algerian Architectural Exchange in the Twentieth Century, Tina Barouti, Boston University
10:05-10:15: Q&A for all session 1 panelists

10:15-10:25: BREAK

Session 2: Expressions of Landscape Architecture
10:25-10:45: The Chaharbagh of Isfahan: Architecture and Urbanism in Safavid Iran, Farshid Emami, Harvard University
10:45-11:05: Green Spaces & Close Quarters: Bromley Park & Housing in Jamaica Plain, Aaron Ahlstrom, Boston University
11:05-11:25: Cultivating Fascism: War Gardens, Ancient Ruins, and Mussolini’s Rome, Ruth Lo, Brown University
11:25-11:35: Q&A for all session 2 panelists

11:35-11:45: BREAK

Session 3: Religion and Secularism in Architecture
11:45-12:05: Artifacts and Relics: Accessing Architectural Origins in theMonasticon Anglicanum (1655), Caroline Murphy, MIT
12:05-12:25: Washington Chapel: Material Symbol of the Twentieth-Century Mormon Return to the Eastern United States, Samuel Palfreyman, Boston University
12:25-12:45: Architecture and Social Media: Comparative Analysis of Facebook and New York Times Headquarters, Eric Lin, Brandeis University
12:45-12:55: Q&A for all session 3 panelists

12:55: Closing remarks

02/28/2015 – 37th Annual NESAH Student Symposium


Portico Rooms 121-123
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
February 28, 2015
9:00 am – 1:30 pmFINAL_2015 NESAH Symposium poster


9:00 am Coffee and refreshments

9:15 am Welcome and Introductions

SESSION 1: Growth and Decay

9:25 am Paternalism Inscribed on the Industrial City: The Case of Lawrence, Massachusetts
P.J. Carlino, Boston University

9:45 am John Ruskin and the Passage of Time
Peter Romains, Roger Williams University

10:05 am Discussion

SESSION 2: National Ambitions

10:20 am Corn Cob, Magnolia, Tobacco: The Ambitions of Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s American Orders
Jennifer Chuong, Harvard University

10:40 am Making Assisi Medieval: Constructing St. Francis in the Fascist Period
Peter Levins, Brown University

11:00 am Defining the Elusive Cubanidad
Katherine Anderson, Norwich University

11:20 am Discussion

11:35 am Break

SESSION 3: Industrious Lands

12:05 pm Intuition, Empiricism, and Technical Drawing in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before 1871
John Davis, Harvard University

12:25 pm Architecture of the Unknown: The Globes and Towers of Patrick Geddes
Andrew Ruff, Yale University

12:45 pm ‘Small’ in Translation: The American Small Industries Exhibition, Ceylon 1961
Nushelle de Silva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1:05 pm Discussion